Construction aggregates – Effluent treatment
Efficient and economical recovery of fine solids

The COMEC sand grading groups of the GCS Series are efficient and compact modular systems for the classification and deslurrying of sands. The tangential feeding of the slurry and sand mixture into the cyclone creates a centrifugal effect and the sand is separated from the water.

COMEC can choose your preferred solution from a wide range of models. Due to the use of gravity, the V Series does without any additional pumps for the transport of sludge into the settling sump. The D Series is used for the dewatering of sludge with a high solids content. The EIR Series is ideal for the treatment of sludge with a low solids content.

COMEC sand grading systems ensure sand of the highest quality as a final product. A wide range of cut-points allows a highly precise classification of sands, while also reducing the water content to a minimum.